Bio & Things


Emily was raised in a small town about 50 miles south of Chicago. She was very involved in music in school, and took piano lessons and oboe lessons throughout her childhood. Emily was always a singer and started writing music at 16, with the coaxing of her older sister after her first heart-break. She didn’t write another song until she heard a piece written by her high-school friend, igniting the flame of competition…


A half-hearted piano student and casual guitar player through high school, Hobbes didn’t develop an appreciation for the craft of music writing and performance until he got to college, where he spent a lot of time marveling over transcriptions of Billy Corgan guitar solos and sheet music for Rachmaninoff piano concertos…


Starting life as a shy kid, George found out early that playing music was his ticket to connecting with people. His logical mind combined with restrained spiritedness drew him into the rhythm section. Restless fingers assured he would play bass guitar. He has always listened to a diverse set of players from the straight rock, prog rock, pop, and jazz fusion worlds…


Candice has been making things her whole life but has only recently become comfortable calling herself an artist, since making things and teaching people how to make things has, over time, become the only way she earns a living. Her relationship to music is very similar to her relationship to art in general…

The Story Thus Far


Dramaglider is a band born out of long-time friendships and the unlikely success of online classifieds.


Emily Anderson, a singer/songwriter with a diverse background in oboe, bassoon, saxophone, and piano/keyboard, moved to Chicago looking for adventure.  How lucky was she, after placing a Craigslist ad searching for a group of musicians to support her endeavors, to receive an inquiry from guitarist/keyboardist Hobbes Pirakitti and guitarist Neil Klemz.  Hobbes and Neil – friends, songwriters, and collaborators since high school – happened to be looking for a singer to front their new rock project.


Emily had never been a rock singer before, being more inclined to sing lyrical folk style melodies. She was, however, up for anything in this new Chicago experience.  So despite an initial conflict of interest, they threw their work together to see what would happen.


Shortly after adding bassist George Tsiones and original drummer Trever Hawley through another series of Craigslist ads, Emily introduced the band to vocalist Candice Latimer, an artist and friend of Emily’s since middle school, who’d sung together back in high-school chorus and school musicals.  To their surprise and pleasure, they began seeing the potential of their collaboration.


Adjustment and creativity have been integral to managing Dramaglider’s success.   While getting used to the new setup, Emily has found her voice in the context of a full band, George has found ways to incorporate his jazz and funk stylings into the mix, and each member has explored methods of rearranging music that would test the boundaries of all their musical comfort zones.


Dramaglider continues to write, collaborate, and perform throughout the Chicagoland area.  Their eclectic blend of styles filtered through Emily’s Celtic-sounding voice engages the heart in a bittersweet reflection of joy, passion, and longing.


Everything is Red” – the first single off their self-titled debut album – was released on July 13, 2018.  “Dramaglider” was released on October 26.