Demos and Sketches Part 2 – Red

by | Feb 24, 2019 | Blog



A question Dramaglider gets asked time and time again is, “Who writes your songs?”  


Well, probably the easiest way to explain our work process is that everyone brings material to the project.  Sometimes it’s just tiny piece of something, like a guitar riff or a bass groove. And sometimes it’s a fully-fleshed out composition.  But because everyone in this band is a very talented (and opinionated) songwriter, once it filters through each and every Dramaglider, by the end of the journey things that started out one way tend to transform into something completely different.  


For example, let’s explore “Everything Is Red”.  Here’s one of the earliest versions of the song as initially conceived by our bass player, the freaky funky George Tsiones:



And here’s where we ended up:  



When George was putting together “Red”, he was playing sideman in another project where he exclusively used a fretless bass.  As George explains it:


“For that group I used my fretless bass exclusively. That band always sounded more loose than I considered acceptable. One morning after a particularly bad gig I started worrying that the issue might have been the fretless bass (or at least my playing on it) as it is was relatively new for me. I wrote the initial idea for “Red” as a way to have something where I could listen to my playing objectively and with a steady beat.  It sounded groovy enough against programmed drums and even better with Dramaglider.”


Which for us was terrific.  Because at the end of the day, the reality of our songwriting process is that Emily is our singer.  She’s the one up front-and-center having to sell these songs to an audience.  So if she’s not connecting with something, it’s not going to happen.


“Everything Is Red” eventually became our first official single and release off our debut album.  


Oh, and before I let you go, just in case you weren’t aware, “Everything Is Red” is Candice’s favorite song.  If she hasn’t already pointed this out to you, just wait a little while, because eventually she will.  Trust me.  And even if she has already provided you with this information, she’ll definitely find strategic moments to remind you about it.  Let’s say you’re hypothetically trying to put together an acoustic setlist, or you’re wondering about what songs to possibly play during an open mic. You can count on Candice Latimer immediately letting you know without hesitation that “Red” is her favorite song.


What’s Candice’s favorite song?


Everything Is Red.”


Until next time,