Demos and Sketches Parts 6 and 7 – Glorified End Less

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January of 2010 started with me abruptly packing up and moving my wife and family into a new apartment after being essentially evicted from our previous home, followed by being laid off from a job I had spent the last twelve-years of my life at, then losing my mom to a relatively unknown disease called Corticobasal Degeneration.  Before I knew what hit me, I found myself heading into that February unemployed, abandoning my wife to a new home all by herself in order to stay close to my dad – effectively living in his basement – all the while grieving not only the passing of my mom, but my entire life as I knew it.


It was in that environment that I wrote and sketched out quite a few tunes that would eventually become Dramaglider songs.


Sunlia” – which Emily would turn into “Old Glory” – was written and demoed in that basement while I was waiting for winter to end and my life to start anew.  I chose the name “Sunlia”, because it sounded vaguely Spanish and reminded me of the playful work of Spanish painter, sculptor, and printmaker Joan Miro.


Here’s one of those early demos which Emily took and wrote “Old Glory” on top of…




Emily on “Old Glory”:


“It was written right after the 2016 Presidential Election.  It is not meant to be a song of division.  Nor is it meant to be a statement for a particular Party, but rather a voice of disagreement about the person in power and a recollection of the early stages of America’s history.”


That being said, being such a politically polarizing time, George had deep reservations about contributing to this song.


“I’m a very politically aware individual and believe effective policy is best made with a clear unemotional head.  ‘Old Glory’ is exactly not that! :)”


“Given that backdrop, it felt surreal being asked to take a solo.  For a long time, I did not know where to go with it; improvising solos each and every time.  Every pass was different.  Sometime interesting…  Sometimes disastrous.”


“When we decided to go into the studio my first thought was to improvise a solo, but that risk cut against my grain and several weeks before the recording session, while we were doing pre-production work, I wrote the solo (that you hear) on the recording.”


You can check that blistering solo here:



Endless”, on the other hand, is a song that screams Summer Time and brings nothing but smiles to everyone’s faces.  Even the name of the original sketch it was written around – “Good and Plenty” – evokes joy and warmth.


It, too, was also first sketched out during that difficult period in my life in early 2010, but certainly demonstrates how different grief can work through you.  Years later as it was slowly turning itself into a Dramaglider composition, it almost featured Emily on the accordion, which you can hear in this early band sketch:



As a side note, “Endless” almost had the words “it goes on and on and on and on” in the bridge instead of “infinitely flows and flows”… But it was scrapped because it sounded too much like a Journey song.


You know the one….






Listen to the album version of “Endless” here:



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