Demos and Sketches Part 8 – Fading

by | Mar 29, 2019 | Blog


The night I recorded my parts for “Fading In the Sun” was pretty brutal.  A few hours before I packed up my gear to make the hour-and-a-half commute from where I worked to Third City Sound in downtown Joliet, Illinois to record I started developing a feverish chill, along with sharp bursts of throbbing head pain similar to a migraine.  I’m a pretty stubborn human being and time is money and money is time, so I pounded what medicine I could find, crawled into a fetal position, and laid dormant inside my office with the lights out until it was time to head out.


That proved to be pretty stupid.  Here’s George describing the events of that evening:


“The night Neil recorded his parts, he was sick as a dog and I was at the studio to provide some objective ears to identify keeper takes versus items that needed improvement.  Neil does a great job preparing and really needed to get in and out of there that night, BUT… I made the mistake of listening to the Rush album Hemispheres* on the way up to the studio.”


“Listening to Hemispheres probably made me unreasonably picky regarding the tracks Neil was laying down.  The phrase, “I think you could do that a little better” was probably uttered more times than it should have been into the talkback mic.”


How was that one, guys?

I think you could do that a little better.

How was that one, guys?



“Neil ended up laying down a great performance, but blame Rush for making it take longer than needed.”


It can be argued that my session felt as long as any poor unsuspecting soul enduring Hobbes’ original opening of “Fading In the Sun” which you can hear in one of our early demos below.  Good luck:



“The sweat drips down my eyes and it tastes like crying and I’m slowly dying”


It was a blessing having George and Hobbes (who was also there) in the control room with super producer Bill Aldridge to provide some clarity to my session that night, even if I wasn’t sick.  I’m way too critical of my own work for my own good, so it was nice to have reasonable ears there that I trusted to say, “MOVE ALONG!


The next day I actually woke up feeling absolutely terrific, the meds I devoured presumably burning out the fever and whatever head pain I was feeling.  But when I gathered myself and looked in the mirror, half my face had swollen up to the size a ginormous melon.  So off to the clinic we went, where it was determined that I had a tooth abscess.


Yippy skippy.


You can listen to the studio version of “Fading In the Sun” here:



Until next time,




*Hemispheres is a masterpiece and the members of Rush are virtuosos.  Neil can barely remember his own name.  But he makes a mean pot roast.