Four Questions with Candice Latimer

by | Jun 25, 2017 | Blog


Q: What’s your earliest musical memory?


My earliest memory at all happens to be about music. I must have been younger than 2 years old because there was brown carpet and my Dad says the only place where we lived that had brown carpet, we moved away from there when I was 2. In my memory, my Dad was holding a giant pair of headphones onto my ears and I was entranced and picking at the carpet while I sat there listening. To this day, whenever certain Yes songs play, the sound transports me back to that moment. That must have been what he was playing for me.


Q: What’s the most unusual instrument you’ve played?


In elementary school, I used to annoy the teachers (and even some of the students) at recess when I figured out how to blow on a blade of grass and get it to make squacking noises.


Q: Do you have a good luck charm or some kind of ritual before a performance?


Sometimes I wear my Gramma’s wedding ring. She’s alive and well and is really into our music – which makes me so happy. She used to sing bass in a womens barbershop choir when she was younger. She did it for years. And she and one of the other girls used to design and sew their outfits from scratch! Makes me think of how Beyonce’s mom did that for Destiny’s Child in their early days. I think that’s so cool! And taking a little reminder of her on stage with me eases my nerves. I just think about how the music is in my family – it’s in my veins.


Q: Share with us some of your musical guilty pleasures!


There are certain covers that I love, like STP’s version of Zepplin’s “Dancing Days” and Smashing Pumpkins’ take on Fleetwood Mac. I love all of Schoolhouse Rock! At Christmastime I can’t get enough of Mannheim Steamroller. And in high school I had a total girl-crush on Christina Aguilera.