Neil Klemz: Too Many Questions

by | Jul 2, 2017 | Blog



Q: What’s your earliest musical memory?


When I was four years old, I received an official KISS Aucoin plastic guitar by Carnival Toys as a Christmas present.  Within days, I had busted the body and snapped all of the cheap nylon strings, abandoning it for the comfort, durability, and reliability of an aluminum baseball bat.


My life has arguably been one huge microcosm of that single event.


Q: What’s the most unusual instrument you’ve played?


A didgeridoo.  There might have been drugs involved.


But please, don’t do drugs.




Q: Do you have a good luck charm or some kind of ritual before a performance?


You mean other than slapping Hobbes on the ass and counting backwards from three-hundred-and-fifty while holding my breath and standing on one leg?  No.  I don’t believe in that stuff.


(Editor’s note: an actual honest answer from Neil can be found within a previous blog entry here.)


Q: Share with us some of your musical guilty pleasures!


I’ve probably watched the original Pitch Perfect as much as Star Wars at this point.  Aca-believe it.