Save the Date

by | Sep 19, 2018 | News


Hello!  Neil from Dramaglider here!

When that photo up above was posted on our Instagram account a few weeks back, the caption that accompanied it read, “It was a pleasing mix to listen to, apparently.”

And that it was.  We were in the home stretch of mixing our debut album and things were surprisingly hanging together really well.  But in reality, what was probably going on inside my head at that particular moment was something more along the lines of, “I’m going to strangle everyone in this room!”

And I’m sure I wasn’t alone.  Just look at everyone:


Not exactly a bunch of happy campers, despite the inclusion of George’s gnarly cowboy hat!  Darn thing was probably mocking us the entire time!

But honestly, it really has been an awfully long time since we started recording this project back in February with the warm and fuzzy Bill Aldridge at Third City Sound in Joliet, IL.  Heck, we lost our friggin’ drummer somewhere in the middle of this thing!

But I’m thrilled to announce that the record is officially DONE!

 Dramaglider Digital Album Square 1B Album Art

Dramaglider’s self-titled eponymous debut is scheduled for release on Friday, October 26, 2018.  It’ll be available as both a digital download and as a CD through our publisher and distributor CD Baby.  It’ll also be available through a variety of other sites and streaming services.  In fact, if you’re an Amazon Music aficionado, the digital version of the album is actually available NOW as a PRE-ORDER!  Click here for America, here for the UK.

I’m sure we’ll have a pre-order for the physical CD available to you as well in the upcoming weeks.  And hey, if you want to check out a really cool 3D animated preview of what the actual CD looks like, click HERE!

Thank you so much for hanging with us!  More news soon!